Let’s talk training classes. In our eyes, this is the ultimate investment for both you and your dog. Investing time in training can have an incredible impact on you and you dogs relationship. Training helps strengthen the relationship between you and your dog and helps create harmony. 

We are thrilled to be working with Nanci Creedon who is none other than Channel 4’s, The Dog Academy behaviourist. Nanci is no stranger to our screens and has been sharing her expertise through various platform for many years. 

Nanci is known for delivering her sessions with her warm Irish charm but she also has a plethora of experience and qualifications to achieve results. Nanci began her journey by completing a masters in Zoology from UCC and Animal Behaviour and Welfare from Newcastle University. Nanci continues to further her education and is part of some of of the worlds most renowned associations of dog behaviourists. 

We spoke with Nanci and asked her some questions, here’s what she has to say; 

So Nanci, where did this passion stem from?

I have known I wanted to work with animal ever since I was a child. Initially I wanted to be a vet however the medical aspect wasn’t where my passion lay. I then decided behavioural work was the route for me. I spent my 20’s studying to become an expect in the field and I am proud to now have over a decade of experience helping owners and individuals who want to explore this field.  

What has been the biggest hurdle you have faced when it comes to dog behaviour and training?

The biggest hurdle is getting the owners to do the hard work. Much like diet and fitness coaches having struggles getting their clients to eat the right foods, the same idea often applies to working with clients. Getting the clients to invest the time can be a challenge however the results are proven and can make a massive difference.

What aspects do you find most enjoyable?

Above all else my favourite aspect is that ‘lightbulb moment’ where the owners can understand what is happening, the reason for it and how to change this behaviour. Watching owners become more knowledgeable about their own dogs really  is inspiring as its clear they begin to understand their dogs and how to help them navigate life a little better, deterring those unwanted behaviours. 

What are your top tips for anyone looking to start training their dog?

The most important thing is to start. It’s forming a new habit and changing your lifestyle. Don’t put off starting, just start now as every day counts and every day your dog is forming habits. The habits are growing stronger everyday and if you are beginning your training you are forming good habits, every single day.

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