General Questions

Yes Dog Days is fully insured for your peace of mind.

Yes our facility is Licensed by Glasgow City Council. This is a legal requirement for all Dog Daycare establishments in Glasgow.

Dog Days do have a neutering policy in line with our licence conditions. This states all new dogs being enrolled over 7 months who must be neutered. If your dog has been with us since a young pup, we endeavour to extend the neutering period. We understand early neutering may not be suitable for larger breed dogs and would not recommend neutering for daycare purposes. 

This policy allows us to reduce the potential for aggression within the pack which can be caused by increased hormones. We also must consider the risk of reproduction.

Of course! We invite owners to visit our facility by appointment. There will be an initial screening with your dog to ensure they are suitable for daycare however owners are more then welcome to visit our centre and have a look prior to this.

Dog Days Glasgow is very strict on only accepting socialised dogs. This is to ensure we always have a happy pack and to avoid squabbling between dogs. However, this doesn’t mean that your dog will like every dog. If we find your dog does not get on with another dog, we will then look at changing their play groups or potentially days they attend. 

All our dogs are required to be up to date with their vaccinations. This should include; DHPP, Lepto and Bordetella.

Your dog does not have to be trained to be accepted to daycare however do we recommend owners work on recall when their dog is playing in an off-leash environment. Daycare teaches the dog manners within play groups which should make for more enjoyable walks in the park with their owners. Our wonderful staff also set aside training time throughout their day which includes boundary control, general obedience and de-sensitisation. We believe consistency provides the best results for you and your dogs training. We recommend implementing a little one to one training time each day at home. 

We do not offer a walking service when your dog is booked into daycare. Our facility offers both indoor and outdoor play space to ensure enough stimulation. If anything, they may need an extra snooze!

Yes, we provide all owners with a log in to access our WebCam’s so you can see your pooches playing all day.

Absolutely! Puppies can attend doggy daycare or our Little Nippers Club once they have had their second set of vaccinations. We recommend a minimum of 2 weeks socialisation out with daycare before attending.


Yes, we require your dog to be in daycare a minimum of one day per week and this should be a set day. You can also add additional days based on our availability. 

Our exclusive membership is a monthly direct debit. This secures your dogs space in daycare and is paid monthly. Membership days cannot be carried over to other weeks. This offers our largest discounts and benefits.

Unfortunately we do not offer a collection servcie at the moment.

Yes, this is paramount at Dog Days Glasgow as the last thing we want is grumpy dogs. Nap times are scheduled to ensure the dogs are fully rested before more playtime. If this still isn’t enough for our lazier dogs they can relax in our chill out area on our couches and dog beds.

Our centre does not accept overnight stays.

Yes, before our dogs go for their siesta we have scheduled feeding time for dogs that require lunch. We ask owners bring along their dogs food in a tupperware box with their name included. Unfortunately we are unable to feed your dog raw food within the facility. 

We ask owners to refrain from bringing toys into daycare. 90% of arguments between dogs are due to them being possessive over toys / food etc which is why we have put this policy in place. Don’t worry Dog Days Glasgow has compencated for this with a number of fun activities to keep your pooches amused.

Absolutely! Our in house groomers are on hand for a doggy pamper. This service can be very busy so we recommend booking in advance to avoid dissapointment.

Late fee’s are applied after 6.05pm. If you think you may be late, please advise a member of staff.

Throughout your dogs day they will follow our set curriculum to ensure they are entertained the entire day. This includes;

  • Structured free play where we work on recall and play etiquette.
  • De-sensitisation which includes a controlled introduction to things that could potentially be or become frightening to your dog in a different environment. This includes; high viz, hats, beards, skateboards, bikes and more. We are also working with Royal Mail to help desensitise our pups to the postman. 
  • Basic obedience including; sit, stay, place command, come, clicker training.
  • Scheduled nap times and crate training.

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If there is anything we haven't covered, please contact a member of the team who will be happy to help.

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