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Are you passionate about dogs and dream of turning that passion into a rewarding business venture? If so, you’re in the right place! Our comprehensive course is designed for aspiring entrepreneurs like you who are eager to embark on the exciting journey of opening their own doggy daycare.

Run through our sister company Pet Concept, we understand that starting a doggy daycare requires more than just a love for furry friends—it requires knowledge, preparation, and a solid understanding of the industry. That’s why our expert-led course provides you with all the essential tools, resources, and guidance you need to launch and operate a successful doggy daycare business.

Whether you’re a dog enthusiast looking to turn your hobby into a career or have already began your journey, our course offers valuable insights and practical advice tailored to your unique needs and goals. From business planning and facility design to staff training and customer service strategies, we cover all aspects of running a thriving doggy daycare operation.

Led by industry experts with years of experience in the pet care sector, our course offers a fully tailored approach to equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in the competitive doggy daycare market. You’ll learn proven strategies for attracting clients, managing operations efficiently, and providing exceptional care for your furry guests.

Join us today and take the first step towards making your doggy daycare dreams a reality!

A tailored approah

All of our course options are fully tailored to your needs and priced accordingly. This means you aren’t paying for services your don’t require. Whether you are are looking for the hands on practical element or you would like help with the layout of your centre, Pet Concept can help.

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Canine First Aid Courses

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How to ensure consistent revenue

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Doggy Daycare Desing & Layout

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Learning from the pro's

Like all new ventures, opening your own daycare can be a minefield, trust us, we have made all of the mistakes. This has allowed us to provide our expertise and knowledge to those who are entering the industry. 

What’ included:

  • Financials and forecasts
  • Daycare design concept
  • Recommended booking systems
  • How to run your business day to day
  • The best suppliers and exclusive discounts
  • How to run and manage your daycare from staffing to dogs
  • Practical and theory
  • Optional canine first aid
  • Hands on assistance for your opening week
Dog Days is simply fantastic! Robin and her Team are very good at what they do. I always have the peace of mind every time my dog Freddie goes for the day, that he is well looked after and he has a super time with all of his doggy friends. Thanks to all at Dog Days really are the best!
Lyndsey Guthrie

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