We often get asked if you do requires pet insurance to attend doggy daycare. The answer is no however we would highly recommend it.

I was recently speaking with a lovely owner who was telling me about her dog being taken in for surgery and they had no insurance. The surgery was going to cost thousands and naturally they were in a state of despair (wouldn’t be all be). When discussing this, she stated they had dogs for years and none of them ever got sick so insurance did not seem like a requirement.

This is sadly a story I hear often and I see how much distress it can cause the owners. During a cost of living crisis and a looming recession, most people don’t have significant savings or disposable income that will cover the hefty costs of vet bills.

Unfortunately we can’t predict the future and we never know if our pets will get ill. As dog lovers, the worst thing that can happen is out pets become ill and I know I speak for all of us when I say we would do anything to make them feel better.

It is said that a pet can cost in the region of £4500 – £30,000 in its lifetime. This is massive!

This is why in our opinion pet insurance is a worthy investment and could save you thousands in the long run. As more and more people opt to own a dog, there are more and more options for pet insurance.

There are numerous policies available to owners however it is advised the best time to invest in insurance is when you first get your puppy. Most breeders will have a temporary policy in place until you move across to your own.

Lifetime policies are the most popular as they offer the most comprehensive cover. The lifetime policy generally covers your pet from illness and injury. If you are looking to begin insuring your pet part way through their life, it is wise to dig a little deeper into the fine print. Most policies will not cover dogs who have pre-existing conditions so if your vet has already diagnosed them in the past, chances are you won’t be covered on a new policy.

Comparing the market is one of the best way to find the most competitive deals. There are lots of reputable companies on the market but we recommend doing your research and finding the best fit for you and your four legged companion.



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