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Whether you are a novice dog owner looking for puppy training classes or experienced, investing in training is always a good idea!

Training classes are essential for your dogs development and building a foundations and a strong bond between your and your pet. Dogs love to learn and socialise and we believe an excellent way to achieve both is training classes. 

Our groups are intimate with a maximum of 6-8 dogs per class. This allows each dog to have the attention they deserve. If you are experiencing issues that cannot be rectified with our group sessions, we are on hand to help and can offer tailored services.

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Our classes will be launching for puppies from 12 weeks, intermediate and advanced. We will be exploring the world of pets and how we can help shape and build the foundations for success between you and your pet. 

We deal with behavioural issues such as:

Fear and phobias, compulsive disorders, excessive barking, pulling on lead, aggression towards humans and dogs, separation anxiety, jumping up.

Controlled Socialisation

Our classes are controlled and held by specialists to ensure enjoyable socialisation for owners and their dogs.

The best of the best

We work with some of the best trainers and we believe their teachings will create the perfect relationship between owner and pet.

Best paws forward

We always put our best paw forward and believe ethical training is the best form of training for our beloved pets.

Value for money

Our prices reflect the quality of our classes and the trainers experience, qualifications and accreditations. We always strive to offer value.

Class Options

Our class teacher Zuzanna is dedicated to helping owners and their pets create a lasting bond based on trust and respect. Her gentle and compassionate approach to training makes owners and their dogs feel at ease as they enter each new stage of training. Embarking on this journey with your dog should be a joyful experience and we believe with consistency and encouragement we can help owners and dogs feel more at ease. 

Little Nippers Puppy Programme

A 4 week course with a curriculum jam packed with puppy socialisation, building puppy confidence, avoiding fear based behaviours, walking nicely on the leash, coming back when called, stop jumping up on people, how to interact nicely with strangers and unfamiliar dogs, avoiding food and toy guarding, and so much more! Suitable for dogs from 12 weeks – 6 months.

This class is ideal for those who want to combine socialisation with training. 6 weeks £90 per block.


Intermediate Training Classes 

Our indoor, heated group classes have been designed to strengthen the bond between you and your dog, and we focus on ensuring you have a fun and enjoyable time.

During the 4 week block, the topics we cover include walking nicely on the leash, coming back when called, promoting calmness, teaching your dog not to jump on you and strangers, and many more helpful behaviours! This is the perfect next step, following puppy class. Suitable for dogs 6-12 months.

This class is ideal for those who want to help build better bonds. £100 per block.

To book your dogs class, contact us today.

Training at Dog Days

We offer a one stop shop when it comes to pets and we want to make sure we provide the best service possible. Our classes encompass everything you should need to know for each stage of your dogs development. At the end of each block your dog will graduate and can then advance to our next group class.

The benefits of training classes; 

  • Happier dogs and owners 
  • Ensure the safety of your dog and others
  • Controlled socialisation
  • Build a lasting relationship between
    you and your dog
  • More enjoyable trips in pubic
  • Less likely to become fearful of everyday objects.
  • Builds bonds between you and your pup.
I cannot recommend Dog Days enough. We brought our very nervous puppy to Robin and the team two months ago. They were consistently patient and empathetic with her many (and sometimes confusing) anxieties. With their support, she is now growing into a confident, happy puppy with excellent doggy manners. I know I can trust that on her day care days she's safe and having fun, making those breaks from her unending energy a lot more enjoyable for me too!! If you're a bit nervous about trying day care, just pop in to meet the team and you'll be at ease in a moment.
Jennifer Goff

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