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We are thrilled to be working with our preferred trainer and behaviourist CBT Dog Behaviour and Training. 

We have linked up with Jim who is dedicated to ensuring dogs are always at their happiest. Jim has been working closely with Dog Days to guarantee we are always offering the best possible service for our four legged friends. 

CBT can assist in a group setting and one to one to help achieve the best results for you and your pooch. 

Dog Days referrals will also benefit from discounted rates. 

Tell me more!

CBT Dog Behaviour and Training Services is a professional training and behaviour specialist. Fully qualified, accredited and insured. At CBT we use modern training techniques with a focus on using positive methods of training and behaviour modification, specifically reward based training. We use force-free, human methods with the welfare of the animal at the forefront.

We deal with behavioural issues such as:

Fear and phobias, compulsive disorders, excessive barking, pulling on lead, aggression towards humans and dogs, separation anxiety, jumping up and any moderate to severe behavioural problems.

Controlled Socialisation

Let your pup socialise in a controlled an safe space resulting in positive experiences.

We provide the tools

You will be provided with your own luxury tote which includes all the tools you require to help training at home and in class.

Best paws forward

Socialising your pup at a young age will ensure a happy and sociable dog. Our classes are designed around puppies and their development.

Value for money

We have invested to ensure you get the best from your sessions and can implement the tips at home as well as in class.

The Benefits

Dogs can go through behavioural changes at any age and period in their life. The key is to avoid letting behavioural problems persist and become a way of life for dogs and their owners. 

This is where CBT Dog Behaviour and Training could in fact benefit you and your dog:

  • Happier dogs and owners 
  • Ensure the safety of your dog and others
  • Build a lasting relationship between
    you and your dog
  • More enjoyable trips in pubic
  • Less likely to become fearful of everyday objects.
  • Builds bonds between you and your pup.
I cannot recommend Dog Days enough. We brought our very nervous puppy to Robin and the team two months ago. They were consistently patient and empathetic with her many (and sometimes confusing) anxieties. With their support, she is now growing into a confident, happy puppy with excellent doggy manners. I know I can trust that on her day care days she's safe and having fun, making those breaks from her unending energy a lot more enjoyable for me too!! If you're a bit nervous about trying day care, just pop in to meet the team and you'll be at ease in a moment.
Jennifer Goff

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