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Dog Days Glasgow knows how difficult it can be to provide your dogs with all the love and attention they require when you are working full time and juggling life. This is where we can help.

Doggy Daycare offers a fun and safe environment for your dogs to play, rest and get all that much deserved attention. Dog Days Glasgow is the first daycare in Glasgow to offer owners ‘total access’! Yes, you can watch your dog’s play at anytime of the day by logging onto our ‘doggy cam’ app. We also provide report cards tailored to your dog so have details on what your dog has been doing in doggy daycare.

“Paws for thought”

Is doggy daycare suitable for your dog. Not all dogs will enjoy daycare so it is important to know your dog’s nature and preferences before committing them to a day full of fun. Our facility is sectioned off so the pups can play and the older dogs can relax if they wish. However if your dog is quite happy relaxing by themselves daycare may not be the solution however we do offer lots of other alternative that may suit your furry friend better. Check out our other services at our ‘what we do’ tab.

Doggy Daycare bookings are by appointment only, so please ensure you are booking in advance to avoid disappointment.

Safety First

Certified handlers in pet first aid and CPR to ensure your dogs safety.

Spacious Play Yards

Our oasis offers large, climate-controlled play yards for optimal tail wags.

Monitor Your Pup

Access our live webcams on your computer or smartphone.

All-In-One Pricing

Become an exclusive Dog Days member.

Our Benefits

Like many humans our dogs could now be classed as unemployed….I know that sounds strange. However, dogs are traditionally bred for hunting, livestock herding, protection and guarding. Today, couch potato springs to mind!

Many people think their dogs enjoy being a couch potato however have you given them any other option?? Could Dog Days Glasgow provide your dog with a new lease of life…

This is where doggy daycare could in fact benefit you and your dog:

  • Preventing dogs from being bored at home all day
  • Preventing loneliness and anxiety that may not even be noticed if you are at work whilst you pooch is stuck in the house.
  • Socialising with different people
  • Socialising with other dogs which can make an owners and dog’s life far more enjoyable
  • Preventing destructive behaviour, ever wondered why you come home to chewed furniture, shoes and anything else your dog can find
  • Giving owners the satisfaction of knowing their dog has had a fun filled day
Dog Days is simply fantastic! Robin and her Team are very good at what they do. I always have the peace of mind every time my dog Freddie goes for the day, that he is well looked after and he has a super time with all of his doggy friends. Thanks to all at Dog Days really are the best!
Lyndsey Guthrie

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