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Attention Drivers – Belt Up!

Did you know…

UK law states drivers that allow dogs to stick their head out of the window of a moving vehicle could be given a hefty fine and are invalidating their insurance.

Some of the funniest videos I have seen are of dogs sticking their heads out the car window and their ears blowing in the wind. This however is no longer a laughing matter and UK law is now stating drives could be find and are in fact invalidating their insurance.

As stated in the rules of the Highway Code all drivers must ensure all animals are suitably restrained as not to distract drivers putting them or the animal in danger.

It is recommended your pet travels in a pet carrier, dog crate / guard or wear a seatbelt harness. These products can be found at main stockists including Pets at Home, Amazon and Ebay.

If your Pet is found not be driving safely and an accident were to occur Go Compare states all insurance would be invalidated. This means you could be liable for all damages to your car and the other drivers.

Travelling with your pet is often a necessity however make safety a priority and ensure your pet is properly restrained.


1st Edition Dog Blog

Dog Days Glasgow are delighted to say the start of 2016 has been a huge success with numbers reaching almost 20 dogs per day. We also have four wonderful members of staff dedicated to giving our pooches the most fun day possible. Emma, Jane, Dean and Linda have been working very hard to implement our ‘no bark’ policy and our moms and dads are very happy with the results. We now have quieter dogs in daycare and at home!

We have introduced a number of new dogs into our pack including Harper who has been visiting us from London, Charlie who has moved from Yorkshire and little Millie from Chicago.

As the owner of Dog Days Glasgow I couldn’t be happier with what we have achieved in a few short months. Our pooches are so happy to be coming into daycare they are now letting themselves through the doors into our doggy daycare centre with their tails wagging.

I would like to give a special thank you to all the owners who have given us 5 star reviews and entrusted us with their dogs. We couldn’t have don’t this without you!

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