As a doggy daycare who have indoor and outdoor play areas we have a number of dogs who are the ultimate sun worshippers, a little like myself. Even though the bonnie city of Glasgow doesn’t always offer sunshine we can experience high temperatures which can be uncomfortable for us humans not to mention our furbabies.

With the number of cases of heatstroke increasing rapidly it is extremely important we are vigilant with our dogs activity and now the signs and how to prevent this life threatening condition.

Looking out for the following signs of heatstroke could help save your dogs life –

  • Is your dog panting heavily
  • Is your dog drooling excessively
  • Is your dog lethargic, drowsy or uncoordinated
  • Has your dog collapsed or vomited

If your dogs has shown any of these symptoms move them to a shaded area and call a vet immediately. Time is of the essence in these cases so do not delay.

To ensure our daycare dogs the best possible care and their owners full peace of mind we work closely with The Veterinary Centre who are always on call. We use a number of useful tools for cooling down our pups in the summer months including cool coats, cool pads and cool bandanas for any dogs who don’t fancy a dip in the paddling pool.

Lesley the head vet at The Veterinary Centre has given the following tips to keep your pet safe in the summer .


Heatstroke happens when your dog is unable to reduce their body temperature by panting and can lead to serious illness if not death. Certain breeds of dog will be more prone to heatstroke including flat or short faced dogs, dogs with heavy or think coats and very young or old dogs. Always research your breed of dog to know whether they are at a higher risk and beware of any medical issues that could put them at risk.

The staff at Dog Days are trained in Emergency Canine First Aid and have received certificates from Archangel First Aid Training. Through this we have learned the best way to keep pets safe and comfortable until a vet can arrive at the scene.

Follow these instructions if you think your dog could be suffering from heatstroke –

  • Move your dog to a cool shaded area
  • Immediately apply cool (not cold) water to your dogs body to avoid shock or wet towels can also be used and a fan
  • Encourage our dog to drink small amounts of water
  • Continue to apply the cool water until your dogs breathing regulates. Always remember to use cool water you DO NOT want your dog to shiver.
  • Ensure a vet is contacted as a matter of urgency



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