We have been very lucky at Dog Days Glasgow that none of our pack managed to get their paws on any of the toxic foods that might have been circulating during the festive period. We all know how difficult it can be to monitor our dogs every move and all the ‘tasty treats’ they help themselves to in the park. There are a number of foods that may be toxic to your beloved pet and we would like to make you all aware so you can do your best to ensure they are avoided.


One of our pooches who may I say has an incredible appetite for ALL foods, toys, wood, bark (basically anything that has a texture our little pooch will eat) had managed to steal 3 little grapes over the weekend. Luckily this was brought to his owners attention who was able to rush his dog to the emergency vets within the hour where he was treated.

This is not to say every case will be this extreme and your dogs may be absolutely fine however we would always recommend any dogs that have eaten a food that may be toxic to them to be treated by a vet immediately.


This particular pooch had been kept in the vets overnight and made a full recovery and I am glad to say was back in daycare a couple of days later.


We have created an awareness poster to let all dog owners know some of the foods that may be toxic to your beloved pet. There are additional foods and plants that are not suitable for your dog which may be more potent at certain times of year. Please double check what foods your dog is eating and plants your dogs may be in contact with as we approach spring.

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