Doggy Daycare can be a fabulous experience for dogs and an excellent way for them to socialise, burn off steam and work on separation from owners. This being said, it is not the best solution for every dog and it is our duty to identify this. If we force a dog into an environment that doesn’t suit their temperament, we run the risk of doing worse than good. Daycare should be a fun experience, and if not then it’s fair to say it’s not a good fit for your dog.

Our initial assessment allows us to meet your dog, understand their personality, likes and dislikes and whether or not daycare is a good fit. As dogs mature, they may be less likely to enjoy daycare, even if they have in the past. Similar to humans, dogs will change as they mature and may prefer a slower pace. Daycare hours can be adapted to allow for your dogs requirements. Perhaps your dog has bundles of energy in the morning but prefers a snooze in the afternoon, if so, why not opt for a half day option.

Due to the pandemic, we are meeting more dogs than ever and many of these dogs are suffering from separation anxiety and lack of socialisation. This does not mean daycare isn’t for your dog but it does mean the process has to be slow and always a positive experience. Your dog may only be able to venture into the reception or the office initially and it is important we do not push this any further until they are ready. Part of this process is building bonds with the handlers, this will gain trust and reassure your dog. Once we feel they are ready for the next step, we will begin to introduce dogs, again this is a slow pace.

With anything new, it is important we to understand our dogs feelings and support them. They are venturing into the unknown so we must encourage them and make all experiences positive.

Things to consider when deciding if daycare is right for your dog;

  • Your dogs temperament; are they a couch potato or do they love to play. Couch potatoes may prefer lazy day at home. We have lots of rest areas however many dogs may prefer to be snuggled up at home.
  • What are you using daycare for; socialisation or work commitments. If your dog is not sociable, daycare may not be the environment for them. We cannot expect dogs to integrate without patience and consistency. This takes commitment from owners and daycare to ensure the best outcome.
  • Does your dog have a high prey drive? If so, this is something you must alert your daycare to. This will allow them to alter groups and decide whether or not daycare is suitable.
  • Does your dog have a high play drive? If so, this could well be a great option. Dogs love to play in daycare. With investigation, daycare can understand your dogs play style and which dogs they should be grouped with to ensure balanced play.
  • Is your dog toy possessive? If so, this could be tricky. Our dogs in daycare are offered toys and ball at set play times. To avoid competition in the pack, we have enough toys to allow all dogs to have their pick of toys. If your dog is possessive of toys, we recommend working with a behaviourist before using daycare.
  • Is your dog reactive to other dogs? If so, there is a reason for this and you should seek a behaviourist to understand the cause. Bringing your dog to daycare is not a good idea and will not help with their reactivity. Work with your dog and invest time with professionals and you and your dog will reap the rewards.

If you think daycare could be a good fit for your dog, please contact a member of the team, You will receive our brochure and application form. Our forms are extensive and may take some time to work through however this provides everything we need to know about your dog before their assessment.

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